10 Cool Maps We Would Study For Hours

I’ve always thought maps were cool, even back in the day when they were just different maps of the world at large.

Now, there’s an entire subreddit that’s dedicated to mapping interesting and cool trends across the globe, and since there’s literally a map for everything you’ve ever wanted – and a bunch of stuff you didn’t know you even needed – I could honestly look at them all day.

Here are 10 that are going to take up the rest of my morning!

10. Tanning vs. Whitening.

The grass is always greener, it would seem.

Sun tanning vs Skin whitening
byu/sam_3758 inMapPorn

9. People really love the name Paul.

It’s a classic, I suppose.

Variations of the given name “Paul”
byu/PaulOshanter inMapPorn

8. The uninhibited parts of New Zealand.

It really is a beautiful country.

No one lives in the green part of new Zealand,the population density there is 0 people per km and that is about 78% of new Zealand land
byu/Felixheifgwofbebrjwh inMapPorn

7. Follow this arctic fox on his journey.

That little guy really made a trek!

The journey of an Arctic Fox who walked from Norway to Canada in 2018
byu/oglach inMapPorn

6. Traditional hats of Europe.

If you don’t love this you don’t know how to have fun.

Traditional hats of Europe
byu/Xrodo33 inMapPorn

5. We’d really be missing a lot.

You hate to even think about it.

Europe if the Sea Level Rose 100m
byu/oneletterh inMapPorn

4. People who believe in climate change.

Well, at least we’re not Russia. O_O

Percentage of people who trust climate scientists, 2020
byu/SkinlessFather inMapPorn

3. This is gorgeous.

They have so much water!

Rivers of Italy
byu/JoeFalchetto inMapPorn

2. The number of cigarettes still smoked in a day.

Kind of blows your mind, doesn’t it?

Number of cigarettes smoked per person per day in European countries.
byu/NotTheThreeBit inMapPorn

1. The number of people incarcerated per capita.

As someone from the States this is so eye-opening.

Number of prisoners per 100 000 people in European countries
byu/theworldmaps inMapPorn

I honestly can’t pick a favorite, and now I’m thinking about everything else I want to see mapped.

Which one of those did you love the most? Tell us in the comments!