10 Couples Talk About How They’re Making A Long Distance Marriage Work

All marriages are hard, but when you throw distance – required or not – into the mix, things can get complicated and messy really quick. You have to really have open lines of communication and a willingness to push through the tough times to keep the romance alive over thousands of miles.

These 10 couples are making it happen, though, and they’re sharing with us how it’s going (and whether or not they’re ready for it to come to an end).

10. We don’t get married to be lonely.

But we do sign up for better or worse.

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9. You have to really hold onto the love.

No one ever said it was going to be easy.

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8. He might be thinking about the future.

But it sounds like the present is going to suffer.

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7. Time for a serious conversation.

You both have to be happy with how things are working.

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6. That’s not really what she signed up for.

The offer sounds kind of icky, to be honest.

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5. Some time together needs to be on the menu.

See if in-person connection can help.

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4. Something to consider ahead of time.

Also, judging her for not talking to her husband!

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3. It can be hard to tell over the phone.

Time to plan a getaway together to figure things out.

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2. It’s just the way it has to be.

Hopefully not forever.

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1. It might be over.

I imagine it’s hard to really gauge how you’re feeling.

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I can’t imagine how tough this is in so many ways.

Have you done a long distance marriage? Let us know how you coped in the comments!