10 Crystal Clear Moments When People Knew the Marriage Was Over

It’s never easy when a relationship, particularly a marriage, comes to an end.

Whatever the situation, whatever the reason, change is hard enough all on its own without adding feelings into the mix.

But sometimes, people just know it’s over.

Here are 10 extremely clear moments when people knew it was time to move on.

1. Name calling is one thing, but leave the kids alone

This would probably be an ah-ha moment for me, too.

I left when he called our 3-year-old a B. Call me as a many names as you want, but not our children...

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2. If they don’t care about your or your health and only put you down

Frankly, I would have a few choice words for him, alongside, “It’s over.”
And honestly, he was probably the root of her high BP, so…
2 birds, 1 stone.

I knew my marriage was over when I told him I had been diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure. He told me that only stupid idiots go to the doctor when they're sick.

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3. When it gets to the point that you don’t even know who you are anymore

I mean yeah, that might be a bright flashing neon sign.

I knew my marriage was over when I started to doubt my sexuality. Yes it's possible to fall out of love with the perfect man, and no, I'm not into girls.

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4. Or when they just don’t even seem to see you

I mean, I’m really bad about this, with all people.
I hope he gave her a day or two. But still.

I knew my marriage was over when I cut 7 inches off my hair and my wife didn't notice.

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5. Cheating is one thing, but to be so brazen…

That right there… that might be a pretty good indicator that it’s time to call it.

The moment I knew my marriage was over was when I saw another woman walking out of my house with her bra and panties in her hand.

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6. Or when things start to get violent

Violence is never okay, and people should seek safety immediately.

When my ex pushed me into a window and cracked it, I knew it was time to leave. Our son was 3 months old, and if I didn't leave that night with him, we'd both be dead.

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7. If you can’t even stand the sight of the person

Then maybe it’s time to not have to see them anymore.

I knew my marriage was over when I looked at him and just felt total disgust.

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8. Or if they’re just. This. Callous.

I mean, people deal with grief in their own way, but just. Dang.

The moment I knew my marriage was over was when I lost the baby and while I was in labor passing her body he asked if I could hurry up because he wanted to go home.

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9. And secrets are one thing but this sounds…

I mean, there was obviously already a problem, but just, what?

I knew my marriage was over when I explained why he logically never really loved me, and his response was can't I have any secrets of my own?

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10. It’s easy to give and give and give

But before you punish them, make sure they knew they were contributing to your unhappiness.

When I realized I was sacrificing my happiness for his, I knew my marriage was done.

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Yikes, it sounds like these people were in some pretty toxic marriages.

Have you ever had a clear and defining moment when you just knew it was over? Share your story in the comments.