10 Double Take-Worthy Photos That Aren’t What They Seem

Photo Credit: Reddit, CatfishAndTheBigBoi

We’ve all tried to take a picture to capture a special moment. But what about those photos that were less than perfect? The ones that didn’t make the cut?

Perhaps you need a second glance because the first might be showing you something…um..different.

r/confusing_perspective on Reddit is a hot spot for these special photos. Here are ten times when people caught creepy and precarious looking photos purely on accident.

10. The Floating Fisherman

The floating fisherman from confusing_perspective

9. Ceiling lights or spaceships?

The reflections of ceiling lights appear to be alien ships descending on Shreveport. from confusing_perspective

8. Jesus has a nice rear end

Holy sale in jeans from confusing_perspective

7. Yikes…real or fake?

So good from confusing_perspective

6. Twinsies!

What a good looking Grandfather. from confusing_perspective

5. Ape foot

My ape brother from confusing_perspective

4. Where is this guy’s hand?

It’s REALLY not what it looks like… (repost from r/pics) from confusing_perspective

3. The strange foot

I get by with a leg-hand from my friends from confusing_perspective

2. Move over, Headless Horseman, there’s a headless gymnast on the loose

The hula hoop looks like it’s taken this gymnasts head off from confusing_perspective

1. Moo-ve over, there’s a long cow coming your way

The cows are long in France from confusing_perspective

Forget about getting the perfect shot and try to capture an optical illusion. It’s bound to make your friends laugh.