10 Early Jokes From “Friends” That Have Aged Really Well

Image Credit: Tumblr

When we’re talking about television shows from the 80s and 90s (and of course even earlier), how appropriate they seem through a modern lens is always up for discussion. If you look hard enough, you can certainly find trouble spots in any and all beloved shows from the era.

They haven’t aged well, people would say, and if you turn some of them on, hoping to share the love with your kids, you just might find yourself having tougher conversations than you expect.

Although not everything about Friends plays well with modern audiences, you don’t have to look very hard to find the jokes that have aged well, and we think these 10 from Friends certainly have!

10. Phoebe was a quick study.

She’s such an underrated character.


9. I hate to side with Monica…

But there’s no way Rachel was a good waitress.


8. When Joey realizes you screwed up.

You really done screwed up.


7. We can all sympathize with that.

It only took a decade or so.


6. This whole setup was just perfect.

I’m still laughing about it now.


5. This just reminds me how I want to smack Ross.

Like, pretty much all the time.


4. This joke has aged really well.

I have kids and I still wonder about the real answer.


3. I forgot about this joke.

Off to write some fan fiction now!


2. A timelier GIF there never has been.

Not that all of us are at fault.


1. Did anyone really understand what Chandler did?

I guess it never really mattered.


These are giving me nostalgic vibes, y’all.

Time for some reruns, maybe?

Any of these make you chuckle? Let us know in the comments!