11 Perfect Jokes From Season One of “Friends”

Image Credit: Tumblr

There are plenty of reasons to nitpick television shows and movies from the 80s, 90s, and even the early aughts, if you’re looking at them through a modern lens – or even just the eyes of your teenger. Our society has come a long way when it comes from awareness and sensitivity, and though that’s never a bad thing, it’s had many GenX and Millennials having to rethink what they want to consider a “classic.”

That said, it would be sad to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and these 11 jokes from the first season of Friends are definitely worth keeping.

11. When you just can’t bite it back.

The truth comes tumbling out.


10. This is a whole mood.

We’re all feeling something like this these days.


9. You’ll have to be more specific.

I mean, honestly.


8. I feel like the fact that he owns a monkey is all you need to know about Ross.

I’m just saying.


7. Also, so much foreshadowing, Ross.

Did they know what was coming?


6. Rachel in a nutshell.

Amazing backstory drop.


5. This made me chuckle.

But I mean, Ben. Ross is never going to be around.


4. Oh, Chandler.

Always there to make a good joke bad.


3. One look says it all.

But we get 3, just in case you missed it.


2. It’s just so relatable.

Who among us has not said this??


1. We’ve all been that friend.

Or we’ve had that friend.


This is making me want to click on some of those daytime reruns.

What’s your favorite episode of Friends? Or you favorite moment from a show?

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