10 Fun and (Mostly) Free Games You Can Play Over Zoom

Zoom is the new place to be, for friends, family, dating, what have you. It’s not ideal, but we’re all trying to be responsible (right?) and it’s what we have.

It’s not so bad, really, except for the fact that now you have to keep you house clean (or at least a good background space tided) and you never get to go out where other people cook and make you drinks.

Chances are, your group of friends or family have wanted to play games the way they used to, and with these 10 fun options, you can do just that.

Yes, on Zoom.

10. Drawception

Image Credit: David Murphy

The gist of this insanity is that one player draws something as another player describes it. Then, the description is sent to a third player, they draw that as another player describes it – kind of like telephone, and everyone gets a turn.

Make sure and grab a drink, though, because everyone gets 10 minutes per drawing (way too long!).

9. Codenames

Image Credit: David Murphy

People love the classic, in-person version, so this one is a no-brainer. The best way to play it is on “Horsepaste,” where everyone types in a special password to join, the splits into two teams.

One person is the spymaster, and can see the entire board – words, some that belong to your team, some that belong to the other team, some that belong to nobody…but one that will cause your team to lose.

Your team has to pick all the words that belong to them before the other team accomplishes the same, and the spymaster gives one single word clue per round.

It’s free to play!

8. Carcassonne

Image Credit: David Murphy

This is a fun little game where everyone takes turns placing tiles to create a lovely medieval village. You score points for your contributions, and can strategize your way into a win before you even realize it!

Concarneau is the free implementation you can play via the web, so give it a go!

7. Fishbowl

Image Credit: David Murphy

All of the players use a code to join the game, then everyone types in words and phrases onto digital notecards. Then you split into teams and try to get your teammates to guess what’s on the cards.

The wrench is that every round has different rules, like the ones that apply in Taboo or Charades. 

It’s hard, especially when you have epic friends who will write down literally anything to start with, but it’s also super fun.

6. Settlers of Catan

Image Credit: David Murphy

Most game people know and love it – you roll the dice, get resources based on the roll and then use them to construct roads, settlements, and cities. Everyone else is playing against you, and honestly, they’re probably more clever than you think.

Colonist is the free version, and it’s built really well!

5. Spyfall

Image Credit: David Murphy

It’s free on Android, iOS, and the web, and in it, players are pitted against a spy. Each player knows the location for a particular round, but the spy doesn’t. He or she needs to figure out what the location is before the players find out who they are.

If you fancy yourself an armchair detective, this one might be for you!

4. Hey Robot

Image Credit: David Murphy

You all join the same Hey Robot room, hook up a smart speaker, and try to get it to say the word that’s on your card – only asking it questions.

Alexa probably hates this one, but we love it.

3. All Bad Cards

Image Credit: David Murphy

It’s online Cards Against Humanity by a different name, and even has a family-friendly pack you can download, if that’s your thing.

2. Joking Hazard

Image Credit: David Murphy

If you’re tired of the terribleness of Cards Against Humanity but love the concept, you should give Joking Hazard a shot. The board supplies two cards of a three-panel comic strip, and you and your fellow players choose the third.

There are still raunchy cards and frames, but it’s not so racist and politically incorrect.

1. Drink Virtually

Image Credit: David Murphy

Listen, we’re all drinking a bit more than average to get through this madness. If you don’t want to do it alone, Drink Virtually lets you pull up a video chat, grab a beverage, and pick from eight different drinking games.

Go forth and have fun, my friends.

I can’t wait to try some of these with my friends!

If you and your friends have tried a Zoom game night or two, let us know which ones are your favorite!