10 Funny Text Fails That Made Us Laugh Out Loud

There are so many text fails in the world, and it makes me sad sometimes that people only take the time to share a fraction of them online. They’re objectively hilarious, and almost all of them make me at least snort.

These 10 go above and beyond, though, because they really tickled my funny bone – so much that I couldn’t help but put them into a list and share them with the world.

I hope you enjoy them too!

10. Bless her heart.

She must have been born after the fall of the USSR.

Dad still loves her… probably
byu/diamondmines2 infacepalm

9. I mean it’s only one letter off.

Or maybe a whole word, I can’t really decide.

A land yard
byu/Teamgrimmierawwks inBoneAppleTea

8. I think they’re confused about more than one thing.

Like who is the dumba$$ here, for one thing.

“Bone jaw”
byu/IShotTheMH370 inBoneAppleTea

7. Why would something be called…

You know what, never mind. I just want to enjoy this moment.

Better get these serving trays before they run out. They’re rare!
byu/R4nd0mByst4nd3r inexcgarated

6. He has some bad news for you.

That’s exactly what he meant.

Flaming young
byu/costellosensei inBoneAppleTea

5. I would be absolutely dead had I gotten this text.

It would take a long time for me to recover.

The one with groot
byu/En9rgy inBoneAppleTea

4. This is going nowhere quick.

I’m really hoping they can both see the writing on the wall.

[deleted by user]
by incringepics

3. That’s not even sounded out right.

At least he gave it the old college try.

byu/mangolover inexcgarated

2. Come on, dude.

Have they ever just asked to see your dumb face before now?

byu/GuppyV2 infacepalm

1. You know what else is a tack tick?

Spelling everything right.

That’s a bold tack tick, Cotton.
byu/MrFolgersDude inBoneAppleTea

Y’all, people are just the very best, especially when they’re trying to spell things they have no idea how to spell.

What’s the best text fail that’s ever come into your phone? Please give us all of the details in the comments!