15 Hilarious (And Fake) Bad Customer Reviews

One of the great things about customer ratings on apps is that it can save other people time and energy, and occasionally a terrible meal or even worse service.

Then again, if you’re a business owner you know all too well that there are multiple reasons people might leave a negative review, and not all of them have anything to do with the actual experience.

These 15 people tried leaving revenge reviews, but were called out by the business owner, and honestly, the entire thing is hilarious.

15. Sorry not sorry.

This is just silliness.

More fake reviews…
byu/myameans inquityourbullshit

14. Well that’s embarrassing.

I wonder what the story is behind the why.

Fake review before the restaurant even opens
byu/your_dankesty inquityourbullshit

13. Source: Me

Question it if you would like, at your own risk.

Bullshit called on redditor’s fake Terminator Genysis review by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.
byu/Repulsive_Anteater inquityourbullshit

12. They really went the extra mile.

Maybe a future as a novelist?

Fake review by a competitor for a bicycle store
byu/Trazer854 inquityourbullshit

11. Wait was he really sick though?

I still have questions.

Fake review kills bartender
byu/beerbellybegone inquityourbullshit

10. I don’t even understand what’s happening here.

It must have been a wild night, though.

Fake review after eating the food 💩
byu/LionsLioness inquityourbullshit

9. Seriously why, though?

A grudge or just nothing better to do?

Leaving fake reviews
byu/Chiss5618 intrashy

8. Please don’t return then.

I think we’ll all be better off, yeah?

Fake Google review gets called out
byu/dannydevito77 inquityourbullshit

7. She has to feel bad now, right?

Probably not, but she should.

Owner Of Salon Says ‘Quit Your Bullshit’ To Fake Review
byu/CynicalCinderella inquityourbullshit

6. Someone is sick of the crap.

Not that I blame them.

Owner of car mechanic shop calls out fake reviewer.
byu/kar816 inquityourbullshit

5. They’re not just fish to some people.

You should take care of them!

[deleted by user]
by inquityourbullshit

4. That last line, though.

That’s how you drop a mic.

Local barber shop calls out fake review.
byu/CallingYouForMoney inquityourbullshit

3. All of the receipts.

You can step down now, sir.

Yelper isn’t happy with his brake repair service, is called out by the owner of the company
byu/freeballintompetty inquityourbullshit

2. I mean…

Kind of hard to argue with any of that.

Ex-General Manager gets called out by the owner for posting a fake review.
byu/reignofterr0r inquityourbullshit

1. It’s just a little bit confusing.

I’m confused and I’m not even involved.

Owner calls out bad review left by a previous tenant
byu/Jimmyjohnsbitch inquityourbullshit

I can’t stop laughing. Lying liars getting caught, right?

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Tell us the story in the comments!