Was This Woman Wrong for Kicking Her Brother-in-Law Out of Her House? People Responded.

I understand being loyal to family members and helping them out during tough times, but sometimes you just have to draw the line.

And this woman who kicked her brother-in-law out of her house now wants to know if she overreacted.

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AITA for kicking my BIL out of my house for asking this question in front of my friends?

“My F31 Brother in law “Tim” M30 lost his wife 8 months ago. To be honest we aren’t close, never been close due to his ‘brutal honesty’ and his hurtful remarks to me all the time.

He stopped paying rent for his former apartment because he doesn’t work and asked to move in with me and my husband. I had reasons to say no, one of them is that I’m taking care of my 5 months old son. It’s hard but with Tim’s constant requests like cooking for him, cleaning his room, and fixing stuff for him it’s ×10 harder.

I tried to be graceful and suck it up but he’s become annoying constantly commenting on my weight saying things like “are you comfortable looking like that?” Or “wow you’ve changed so much since you had the baby”. It’s annoying but my husband asked me to let it go since Tim is grieving and isn’t thinking rationally.

Yesterday was the final straw. I had my best friends over for the first time after my son was born. We were in the living room chatting while Tim was asleep (he sleeps til 4pm). He showed up later and sat with us and started taking part in the conversation.

We were talking about being busy all day and he interrupted me and asked “So when are you planning on losing that baby weight? I guess you should take advantage of the last month of summer and get in shape before it’s too late”. I was in shock and dismay, and embarrassed by my friends going radio silence like that. He doubled down by looking at me waiting for an answer.

I bluntly said “actually I’m not planning on losing any baby weight anytime soon unfortunately, but I AM however planning on losing some d**d weight that is you and your neverending demands all day everyday while I’m trying to care for my newborn”.

He told me to “chill” but I got up from the couch and said I couldn’t put up with this anymore and he had to pack and leave. He didn’t think I was serious but then head upstairs and called his brother.

My husband came home after my friends left and called me ridiculous for kicking his grieving brother out over a question he asked. I said he embarrassed me infront of my friends and that I was done catering to his demamds from cooking, cleaning while trying to care for my infant with no sleep nor self care for myself and this is how he treats me?!

He agreed but said kicking Tim out would be cruel, nuclear and unnecessary since we can work this out differently. I refused to discuss it said he had to go.

I gave him 2 days to find a place to stay and my husband is convincing me I was making a mistake and should have some empathy towards Tim and his situation as a new widower besides that it’s my husband’s home too so I can’t make this decision alone.

Did I overreact here?”

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