She Canceled Movie Night With Her Boyfriend. Was She a Jerk?

You know that when movie night gets canceled, something is seriously wrong!

But that’s the situation a woman found herself in because she’s having some serious issues with her boyfriend.

And now she wants to know if she overreacted…take a look at her story.

AITA for cancelling movie night with my boyfriend after what he did?

“I’m a movie lover I love watching tv shows and movies like Star Trek, The Greatest Showman, Star Wars and I have tons of favorite actors like Jake Gylleenhaal and Robert DeNiro and Keanu (ugh) Reeves!

I even have rituals for when I watch movies. Especially new ones. My boyfriend “Andy” and I have movie night every thursday (together for 9 months btw we don’t live together)

He has a habit of googling spoilers whenever we’re watching a movie for the first time. It may not be a big deal but…I h**e it! I h**e when he does that! It ruines the mood, the excitement of the movie and so far he’s ruined over 14 (what would’ve been) great watching experiences.

He did it again after I had a talk with him about it. He says he just can’t help it but I said I can’t let him ruin the one thing I’m so madly intetested in. I can’t even enjoy our thursday movie night anymore because of it. He said I was right and promised he won’t do it again. Heck! he even promised he won’t keep his phone with him and will leave it elsewhere.

This past thursday he came over to my place so we could watch a new movie together. I prepared pop corn and drinks and we sat on the sofa and started watching. It was a great movie choice I was in the mood/excited to see how events turn out.

Andy’s phone was in the kitchen so I didn’t have to worry when he started moving in the sofa looking uncomfortable. I kept staring at the screen and in few minutes I heard “tic tic tic tic tic” keyboard sound!. I turned my face and saw Andy had my phone in his hand and was seemingly looking up spoilers for the movie. I was like “you know? YOU KNOW! What the hell did you do that for, you also took my phone?”

I got mad he just kept smiling at me with his sharp teeth. He promised he won’t spoil it for me and I can trust him this time to not say anything. I took my phone back hoping I’d still find out what happens in the movie on my own. He kept harrassing me asking if I wanted him to tell me what was going to happen at the end. I said no.

Minutes later he spoke up and said “hey babe I just wanted to tell you that XYZ will happen at the end”. I blew up, I yelled calling him unbearable and selfish to have ruined yet another great movie watching experience. he said he wanted to ease my mind about the ending after seeing me so worked up like that but I said I was done and cancelled our thursday movie night and will have a girl night in with my girls instead.

He got offended saying overreacted over a movie and that he was hurt after I cancelled our ‘special night” of the week together. We usually end up having s** later on so I get why this was big deal for him.

He left and then texted me later saying I ruined the night and was hard on him since this is a habit of his that’s hard to get rid of but he’s trying and I’m not giving him chance. He wants me to reconsider.”

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