This Man Yelled at Two Women at a Park Because of His Brother. Was He Wrong?

Some people just don’t know how to keep their mouths shut, you know what I’m saying?

And sometimes those types of people need to be put in their place…

This young man who is going through a hard time asked Reddit users if he acted like an a**hole because of how he responded to two women who weren’t minding their business.

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AITA for yelling at these 2 ladies at the park about my brother?

“So I’m 20M, my parents had a surprise pregnancy when I was 16. My little bro is 3 now and we’re close.

My dad d**d last year from covid in December and it’s been hard on all us especially my mom taking care of my little brother. Im not in school rn so in the mornings me and him go to the park. Not a lot of ppl that early except was these 2 ladies who were there with their kids.

They were sitting by the swings and I had my brother with me playing on the slides. But they kept looking at us. Even when I would look at them they’d keep staring. Then my brother wanted to go play in the sandbox which is by the swings. We walk past them and they literally don’t hide that they looking at us.

And then they say to each other “Are kids still doing this” and then I heard “that poor baby.” So they thought he was my son which yeah makes sense but openly talking s**t? That got me mad.

Normally I don’t do s**t like this but I went to talk to them with my brother playing in the sand I asked them to say that again. Now they look shocked. They try to act like what am talking about and I ask the lady” are kids still doing what? That’s my f**king brother.”

Then she was saying sorry she didn’t know that. And thought I was his dad. And I told her no our dad d**d a few months ago and I like to take him out cause obviously my dad can’t do that anymore. I was like really mad they said sorry for what they said but all I told them nxt time don’t f**king judge people’s lives. It really got me idk why but didn’t like the way they were being. I didn’t hear them talking anymore.

My mom saw me mad when we came home so I told her everything. Reason she thinks I’m TA was that I was still rude to these older ladies and is not their faults they didn’t know. But still to me it’s like so what if we weren’t brothers and it was a dad with his kids? They still shouldn’t be saying s**t and they were loud enough that I could hear it.

But maybe I’m wrong? Idk that’s why I’m asking here.”

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