10 Images That Prove How Much Word Spacing Can Matter

Have you ever wondered how one person can really make a difference? How the things that you do, as a tiny human being, has the power to transform another person or a space?

Well, if you want proof of how one small difference can affect the meaning of the whole, we’ve got them for you – these 10 signs were meant to say one thing, but a small space put in an awkward place has nudged them into saying something else entirely.

And of course, I think they’re hilarious. So please enjoy.

10. Please return my cow immediately.

And explain how you got it into that machine.

How did they get a cow into that vending machine!
byu/47paylobaylo47 inkeming

9. It’s “Bull Titan US”

Convince me this wasn’t intentional.

Bull Titan U.S.
byu/AsmodeanUnderscore inkeming

8. For the non-vegetarians in the house.

What a thing to print on a clock. Farmhouse chic!

YOU HAD MEAT. “hello”
byu/beets_or_turnips inkeming

7. Definitely don’t follow those instructions.

What a thing to accidentally put on the back of a car.

Hit there
by inkeming

6. I think Don has a problem.

That’s not what we mean by recycling, Sir.

Thanks a bunch Don
byu/balanceilimp inkeming

5. This is actually quite clever.

If they did it on purpose.

Really smart keming for a local hospital
byu/ionicneon inkeming

4. This is glaringly awkward.

What was the purpose of that whole ‘I’ situation?

byu/Robot_Piggy inkeming

3. The future hates on spacing.

It’s coming. Not sure why.

byu/Kurigohan-Kamehameha inkeming

2. I refuse to believe this says ‘click.’

Whether it was meant to or not.

you want me to do WHAT?
byu/ast2204 inkeming

1. I think that’s meant to say “finals.”

But this is college, so.

Image Credit: Reddit

I refuse to believe no one in real life noticed these before they were posted. Refuse.

Have you ever driven past a sign like this? Tell us what it said in the comments!