10 Lies Told by Every NYC Tourist on Instagram


New York City remains, with good reasons, one of the top vacation destinations in the United States.

It’s fun, it’s fast-paced, it’s full of culture and amazing restaurants and Broadway plays and pretty much anything you’d like to do, any hour of the day or night.

But if you’re planning to visit, be aware that the people who have gone before you are lying about some things – on Instagram and beyond – so don’t be surprised when it’s not exactly as you imagined.

That said, it will still be awesome.

#10. If you wait all day to get a primo spot on the observation deck…you still won’t get this pic.


#9. The Brooklyn bridge will not be anywhere close to empty, should you decide to walk across.


#8. The same goes for Grand Central Station (and literally everywhere else).


#7. You won’t get this shot from the ferry.


#6. If you shoot from your seat and are lucky enough not to be rubbing elbows with morons and no one spills beer on you or yells at you to sit down…maybe you could get lucky enough to snap this pic. #YankeeStadium


#5. Maybe if you’ve got a hotel room up high – otherwise you’ll be elbowing your way through the crowd with the rest of us schmucks.


#4. The Highline is a great way to see part of the city, but you definitely won’t be able to see the path through all of the people.


#3. Central Park isn’t quite the respite from the crowds and the heat that the movies would have you believe.


#2. Rockefeller Center has a lot to offer…which is why you’ll never actually get a picture without someone else in it.


#1. Coney Island looks oddly clean in this image…


This traveler’s tip?

Please, for the love of Pete, do not stay in Midtown.