Paradise is a library – shelf after shelf of books, study rooms and tables in the corners, and the reference section where no question goes unanswered.  But, just when you think free books couldn’t get any better – it does.

Little Free Library is an alternative to the city library. There is no librarian. You simply walk up to one of the imaginative boxes, select your book and off you go. Or, bring a book that you want to share and leave it inside.

Photo Credit: Libre Shot

The first one was established ten years ago in Wisconsin by Todd Bol. When he saw how popular it became, he started a non-profit organization with the goal of strengthening communities with free books. Now, 80,000 Little Free Libraries are found in over 90 countries.

Scroll through these 10 fantastic Little Free Libraries and get curious about what books are available in the one you may have in your own neighborhood.

1. Dogs like the LFLs with the treats in them.

2. You never have to ask a kid twice if they want to go to the library, especially an LFL

3. You can let your imagination run wild both in building an LFL and reading what’s in them

4. But sometimes simple and humble will have the perfect book for the day

5. LFLs bring communities together

6. It doesn’t get any better than free books

7. Two LFLs and a bench for reading!

8. A Muppets LFL…LOL

9. You never know what titles you will find in an LFL

10. You’ll see LFLs wherever you go, if you look

If you would like to build your own, check Little Free Library for planning and instructions on how to publicize and register it. People who have installed them love that they are sharing books with their neighbors. Little Free Libraries are also great for groups who want to spread the love for reading in areas where public libraries are not easily accessible.