This Swiss Movie Theater Has Beds Instead of Seats, so Just Take My Money

Image Credit: Facebook

If you’ve ever wanted to combine being in public but being as comfortable as you are in front of Netflix at home, well, this new Swiss cinema has your back.

If, like me, you can barely stay awake for a thirty-minute comedy, this might not work out well in the end (but I would undoubtedly enjoy the ride, anyway).

Either way, this “VIP bedroom” screen that has replaced all of the traditional seats with double beds sounds like something I’d like to try.

The idea has been implemented at Switzerland’s Cinema Pathe, in a town called Spreitenbach, near the German border.

The tricked out and totally comfortable-looking theater holds 11 beds that all have adjustable headrests, grey and beige sheets, and two pillows, plus bedside tables for your drinks and snacks.

All that luxury will cost you almost $50USD a ticket, but it does include food and a drink (and you get to jump the lines). You’ll also get slippers and upgraded meal options.

Practically home! If only there was something you could do with your kids…

Oh wait! They’ve also got a kid’s cinema, with bean bags, a ball pit, and a slide instead of stairs – and tickets are only $14. So send in the babysitter, ammiright?

And just FYI, they theater is promising the sheets will be changed after every single film (which seems super annoying for the attendants).

Frankly, that’s pretty crucial, so glad we cleared it up.

Sign me up. And if they’ve got babysitters available in the children’s theater, sign me up double-time.