10 Medical Professionals Dish On What Goes On Behind The Scenes

I’m pretty sure that every single job on the planet has its secrets. The things only the people who do them day in and day out really understand, and in most cases, even if the rest of us might find it interesting, it doesn’t affect us so much.

Not so with the medical industry, as most of us encounter medical professionals on a semi-regular basis…so maybe you’d like to know what goes on behind the scenes at your doctor’s office or hospital.

If so, stay tuned – these 10 are dishing up the secrets!

10. Just your basic day on the job.

Things could probably be worse.

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9. I don’t see the issue, really.

It’s just a medicinal plant, after all.

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8. Adulting is not as easy as some people make it look.

But to be honest, we’re all faking it to some degree.

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7. This should be an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

It would be right up those naught doctor’s alleys.

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6. This tale takes a few turns.

I’d like to read the ending, if we’re being honest.

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5. I bet that’s changed recently.

It’s hard for everyone to get good help these days!

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4. It’s never too late.

You’ll regret it if you don’t try to find what you love!

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3. I’m sure the right fit will come along.

You just have to go and pound that pavement!

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2. It can be scary, I’m sure.

Especially when children are involved.

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1. It’s good to have goals.

It keeps you from stagnating too long in one place.

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Well, color me not-that-surprised even though I honestly wish that I were.

If you work as a medical assistant or in the medical profession, add your own juicy little tidbits in the comments!