People Look Back On Life As An Orphan And Share Their Stories

As a child with a fairly average life and better-than-average parents, I have to admit I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about death or what would happen to me if my parents passed away unexpectedly.

Now that I am a parent, I spend way too much time worrying about what would happen to my kids in that scenario (thanks, anxiety), but the truth is, none of us knows what it’s like to grow up an orphan unless you’ve been there.

These 10 people have, so if you’re curious, they’re dishing on growing up an orphan below.

10. You can’t always wear your heart on your sleeve.

That’s a sure recipe for getting hurt.

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9. People are just trying to make conversation.

But that doesn’t make it any easier.

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8. You can change the world that way.

Even if no one changed it for you.

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7. Find your family.

They’ll be thrilled to have you.

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6. It’s an experience that’s tough to grasp.

Unless you live it firsthand.

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5. Not every baby gets adopted.

There’s a truth I bet many people didn’t know.

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4. Those sound like healthy boundaries.

No need to look back when you can look forward.

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3. It can be hard to come to grips.

I can only imagine how impossible it feels at the beginning – and maybe forever.

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2. Too common a story.

But still, we all hate to read it.

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1. Life can be bittersweet.

Sometimes that’s the best we can hope for, I think.

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These make me more thankful for my own boring life, but also remind me that people are capable of rising through so much.

If you grew up without parents, tell us in the comments what that experience was like for you.