People Recall What It Was Like To Grow Up An Orphan

Thankfully, being orphaned as a child isn’t something that a large number of us will experience in our lives. Losing our parents (if they’re good ones, and sometimes even if they’re not) as adults is hard enough, but going through that trauma as a kid can definitely be devastating.

These 11 people came out on the other side, though, and now they’re recalling exactly what it was like.

11. Good parents are worth their weight in gold.

But a found family will bring the same kind of joy and belonging.

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10. They had to do it themselves.

With whatever tools they had at their disposal.

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9. You can never tell where someone will end up.

There are so many paths that lead to happiness in the end.

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8. It can be done.

But no one who has been there would say it was easy.

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7. You make your own place.

Other people will belong there, too.

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6. Our society doesn’t make room for oddball stories.

Even though they obviously exist.

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5. It can feel as if there’s nothing to celebrate.

Or as if no one wants to celebrate with you, anyway.

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4. You can let it break you.

Or you can let it give you compassion for others.

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3. There’s always a bright side.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

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2. You can cut them loose.

Just like anyone who doesn’t bring joy to your life.

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1. A hard lesson for everyone.

But definitely more of a challenge for some than others.

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I’m so thankful this was not my experience and as a parent, it’s one of my biggest fears for my own kids.

If you grew up and orphan and feel comfortable, tell us in the comments what your life has been like.