This Girl Thinks Her Brother Should Face Consequences For Bullying But Her Parents Don’t Agree

When it comes to other people’s parenting decisions, most of us have learned to mind our own business, no matter what we might think or how we would do things differently.

That said, what about when it’s your own parents that you don’t agree with? Do you speak up? Toe the line?

This girl found herself in that exact conundrum after she discovered her brother on a TikTok video bullying a kid for having to take the bus to school.

Apparently they go to an uppity private school where nice cars are almost always 16th birthday gifts.

My brother (15) goes to the same private school i attended. It’s full of a bunch of spoiled, rich kids whose entire identity is surrounded by how much money their parents make. If you don’t have a car by 16, you’ll get bullied without a doubt.

So a friend shared a tiktok her sister posted and it was a group of boys bullying a kid waiting for the bus. They were mocking him, laughing at him and at one point someone off camera threw food at the kid.

After a few plays i recognized 2 kids, one being my brother.

When she told her parents what she had seen they brushed it off as “boys being boys,” but OP didn’t think that was right.

Taking matters into her own hands, telling her brother and her parents that she wasn’t going to drive her brother anymore and he could take the bus.

I told my parents and they brushed it off saying “he’s a teen boy, you know how they get”. When my brother got home i told him what he did wasn’t right and he walked away laughing.

I told my mom as long as he continues to bully people and they do nothing about it, i won’t take him to school anymore.

Her parents said she’s overreacting to “a joke” so she’s wondering if she’s stepped over a line.

This will mean he’ll have to take public transportation because my parents leave too early for work to take him to school.

My parents are livid saying i’m an asshole for being so unreasonable and sensitive over a joke. Am i in the wrong here?

Is she wrong? Should she let it go? Let’s see what Reddit has to say in the comments!

Obviously, first and foremost, there’s nothing wrong with taking the bus.

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Second, hopefully the brother learns his lesson, which he desperately needs.

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Everyone is pretty appalled at her parents, to be honest.

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This is good practice for the future, when his behavior might force her to cut him off in other ways.

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There you have it. I hate this whole story, but hope the sister’s intervention might have some positive impact.

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