10 Memes for Anyone Who Is So Tired From Adulting They Might Cry

If you clicked on this title, stop what you’re doing and take a moment to breathe.

I get it. Life is hard. Work is stressful. Home life can be hectic. Sometimes we do the very best we can and we feel like failures anyway.

One, you’re not a failure, and two, sometimes a lot of what stresses us out is not in our control. But you know what is in your control? Taking a moment to enjoy these 10 memes, and then maybe let yourself have a good cry. No shame.

1. This is what friendship looks like:

Get with it, or get out.

Image Credit: someecards

2. There’s two sides to every story:

Once upon a time, a small girl broken into people’s homes, ate their food, and destroyed their furniture.

Image Credit: someecards

3. It still counts as adulting:

We’re so grown up now.

Image Credit: someecards

4. Whoops:

Forget you saw that.

Image Credit: someecards

5. Someone is about to lose her voice:

Flotsom, hold my lipstick.

6. When you know love is real:

But for real though.

Image Credit: someecards

7. Hey. Hey. Heyyyy:

What up dawg?

Image Credit: someecards

8. It’s sad how true this is:

Yaaay adulthood.

Image Credit: someecards

9. Someone get this man a book stat:

Or a crossword puzzel.

Image Credit: someecards

10. The final blow:

This is actually my life.

Image Credit: someecards

There now, don’t you feel a bit better? More validated. (It’s still ok to cry.)

Sometimes all we can do is get through the day. It may not be a great day, or even a good day, but if you can survive this day, that’s enough.

And if you need some help, try texting your best friend 35 times.

Which meme up above describes how you feel today? Let us know in the comments.