12 Celebrities Who Are Killing It on Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

Celebrities fall into the same Twitter pitfalls as the rest of us – as in, sometimes we say things we shouldn’t, or we crack jokes that just aren’t funny – because they’re obviously just human.

That said, these 12 celebrities don’t have anything to worry about (when it comes to these tweets, anyway), because they’re in turns funny, sweet, kind, smart, and timely – which are all of the reasons we look for content on Twitter.

Bonus that it’s coming from the computers of people we really want to believe are those things in the first place.

12. Listen to Nick from the future.

I think it actually is the year 3000 now.

11. See, they’re just like the rest of us.

Who are being responsible, I mean.

10. Maybe one day.

They’re both still alive, so there’s hope.

9. Everything about this is my favorite.

Girlfriend was working it.

8. The face in that second picture.

I have made that face.

7. Those insults don’t hit like you think.

Makin’ that money.

6. Welp I’m gonna stop taking selfies now.

No need.

5. JGL with the signoff.

You know it’s good.

4. Someone with time on their hands.

Thank goodness for those people.

3. It was early on, but it definitely helped.

If only that feeling had lasted.

2. Well, that’s amazing and perfect.

Thank you for tweeting it, beautiful people.

1. Asking the real questions, folks.

We need to know!

I’m off to follow some new accounts, and hopefully they won’t turn around and do something next that makes me sorry I did.

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