13 Recent Celebrity Tweets That Are Totally Worth Your Time

Celebrity social media accounts can be hit or miss, and if you really really love someone, you’re taking a chance following them on social media.

Most of us take the chance, crossing our fingers and holding our breath every time one of their tweets comes across our streams, hoping today won’t be the day they let us down.

That said, we’ve gone through the muck and emerged on the other side with these 13 gems that will only make you love your favorite famous peeps even more.

13. Ooooh gauntlet thrown.

Anyone have popcorn?

12. Some of us laid around a lot.

One of us was Taylor Swift.

11. Like the rest of us.

I wonder if he’s also hot for Chuck Bass.

10. I guess that answers that.

He gave it a shot.

9. This one makes my heart happy.

No one deserves it more!

8. How cute it’s a hobby.

Also she’s a queen.

7. Only one of them is smiling.

So am I, though.

6. You have to know your limits.

No matter how famous you are.

5. Why is this so hilarious?

Ahhh right because he’s so funny.

4. This is the kind of content everyone is on the internet for.

Cat pics never miss.

3. Preach, Missy.

Each and every word.

2. This talk reduces everyone to an embarrassed teenager.

I don’t care who you are.

1. Even House knows what’s up.

Listen to the man!

I think I need to find some more celebrity accounts to follow, because it turns out, some of them might be worth it.

Tell me which ones are your favorites down in the comments!