10 Memes that Might Just Make You Smile

Hey now, don’t let the horrors of the world weigh heavy on your heart. There’s always joy to be found, if you take a moment to look.

Let’s turn that frown upside down (or at least give it a shot) with these 10 memes that just might make you smile.

1. Clown school is no joke:

Professional clowning takes creativity and skill.

Image Credit: borgaard88

2. Nice suit, Joe:

Something tells me he’s about to win some big money.

Image Credit: borgaard88

3. Yiiikes:

But relatable, am I right?

Image Credit: borgaard88


It’s not worth it…

Image Credit: borgaard88

5. Nothing cheesy about this:

Lookin’ sharp!

Image Credit: borgaard88

6. Gotta love the commitment on this one:

Who else would you expect to be pressure washing the roof? Batman?

Image Credit: deafkitten

7. The next time you think “I can’t do this”…

Remember this dynamic duo, and find a way to overcome.

Image Credit: deafkitten

8. Remember when?

Phew, so glad to have left all of that behind….wait a minute…

Image Credit: deafkitten

9. Can you not?

Back. Off.

Image Credit: deafkitten

10. Hey now, things can still get better:

Unless you’re watching Riverdale. Then it most certainly will not get better.

Image Credit: deafkitten

Also Tiger King. Tiger King does not get better.

But your day CAN get better. And if not your day, then your week. And if not your week, then your month. And if not your MONTH then your YEAR!

Ok, so hopefully it gets better before then. Let’s focus on the positive.

What’s ONE good thing that’s happened to you lately? Let us know in the comments!