These Adorable Sweaters Will Keep Your Pet Chicken Cozy All Winter Long

You’ve seen dogs and cats wear sweaters, maybe even a goat wearing a sweater, but have you ever seen a sweater knitted specifically for a chicken?

Look no further. AnimalFunandFashion on Etsy, based in the Netherlands, is selling an adorable line of homemade chicken sweaters.

Although the holidays have passed, the winter months have only just begun. Every creature, big or small, deserves to feel warm and cozy when the temperature drops.

These adorable, tiny chicken sweaters are available in five different colors, so your fashionable feathered friend will have plenty of options.

Shop owner Gerda is also happy to work with buyers to create the perfect color combination for your hen.

These chicken sweaters come in multiple sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large. If you’re not sure how to size your chicken, no worries, a guide is provided.

The sweaters are secured in place with cute little buttons, so you know your chicken will stay safe.

Prices range from an affordable $19.29 to $21.86, shipping not included. Plenty of customers have left positive reviews.

One buyer wrote,

“Fabulous! Gerda did a beautiful job on this darling little chicken dress for a bantam hen that has lost her feathers.”

Feathers or no, chickens wearing theses sweaters look fabulous.

While these sweaters are adorable, it’s also worth mentioning that Gerda does not recommend chickens wear them constantly, as they can interfere with molting.

Is there any animal that can’t be made cuter by a cozy sweater?

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