10 Men Share Secrets They Don’t Want Women to Know

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In today’s society, the term “toxic masculinity” gets tossed around a lot. But it’s good to remember that before pegging a man as toxic, we should take pause and try to understand him. Not all men are – and actually many men are incredibly sensitive and caring.

When an Ask Reddit user proposed the question, “What secrets do men not want women to know?” the answers that came in…well, they might shock you. I know my heart burst a few times.

10. Men like to cuddle too.

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9. Imposter Syndrome lives in all of us.

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8. A list of honesty you can’t deny.

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7. Some men hate spiders!

6. Finally, someone said it!

5. Men need support as well. So, listen to your friends and cheer them on.

4. Men will naturally take the brunt of providing for their families. Thank a dad!

3. Ladies aren’t the only ones who need to be complimented.

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2. Truth!

1. Intimacy occurs with men as well.

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It’s almost like men and women come from the same species, duh.