10 Microhabits That Could Help Improve Your Life in a Year

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We all want to be better versions of ourselves. To be more productive, more positive, just better overall.

Instead of trying for that one, big breakthrough that might never come, you should instead try to focus on microhabits to change your life.

Here are 10 to work on. Remember, start small and these changes will add up and you’ll start seeing changes. Good luck!

1. Rejection is good.

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Try to be rejected more often. Reach out to one or two people each day you’d like to work with, even if you don’t think they’ll respond. Someone will respond at some point, and that minimal effort will be worth it.

What do you have to lose?

2. Write a paragraph.

The hardest part of writing is actually sitting down and doing it. You can make up a million excuses about why you shouldn’t write, or you can make the choice to just do it, even if it’s only a paragraph.

Whether you want to eventually write a book, an article, a business plan, or even a love letter, the more you do it, the easier it will become.

3. Think about comfort…in the future.

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You should choose comfort for yourself in the future instead of comfort right now in the present. Start making choices that will be beneficial for your future self. Always thinking about the present moment and not looking ahead is a recipe for disaster.

4. Get it done.

If you get a text, answer it quickly. If you get an email, respond ASAP. If you have this mindset, you won’t end up with a never-ending backlog of messages to respond to.

5. Your base needs are important.

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It’s important to take care of yourself. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re tired, get some sleep. Don’t burn yourself out and make yourself sick just because you think you have to be busy and working all the time.

6. Reading is good.

Read more. It’s pretty simple. You don’t have to always finish the book you start, but read some articles and expand your knowledge about the world. Reading is crucial for self-growth.

7. Put it down.

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Learn to scroll less. Most of us have made scrolling through social media an everyday habit, but you should really work to limit the time you spend doing this. As you probably know, it’s never very productive.


Learn to say “no” to people. Our time and energy are both limited, so it’s important that you don’t let others suck up all your resources. In other words, you do you.

9. Just one less.

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Eat one less unhealthy snack each day. Don’t focus on completely changing your diet overnight. Once you get into this habit, you’ll see changes and you can further tweak your diet.

10. The question.

Begin each day by asking yourself this question: “How can I change my life today?” Stop thinking you have to survive each day and change your mindset to believe that each day is full of potential and you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. You must be willing to see things in your life differently to make some changes.

You can do it!