10 Nostalgic Posts That Reveal a Person’s Age Without Saying a Number

The internet loves its trends, and one of the more fun ones recently is people describing how old they are with a picture or a written statement about their life that just totally gives it away.

These 10 posts definitely get the job done, as I could definitely pinpoint a person’s age to within the decade, if not a bit more specifically.

10. Otherwise, you’d better not come back unless you were bleeding.

It was a simpler time.


9. Otherwise there would be trouble.

Your parents wouldn’t let you use their phone anymore, probably.

8. That sound just triggered my PTSD.

So much time wasted.

7. We spent so much of our parents’s money!

But they couldn’t say no because it was on books.

6. These WERE cool when they first came out.

Compared to what came before – just ask Zack Morris.

5. Teachers still use these.

Bless their hearts.

4. It really brought the family together.

The family without privacy can always blackmail each other.

3. Our first Apple IIE was something to behold.

Man, I loved that thing.


2. So much adrenaline.

Kids today will never know the courage it took.

1. Lisa Frank on a Trapper Keeper.

It didn’t get any better than that.

There are a lot of fellow Gen X/Xennial people on Twitter, I think! Well, of course there are. Everybody’s on Twitter. All ages, all intellectual levels. Some higher than others.

I digress…

If you were going to describe your age without using a number, what would you say/post? Tell us in the comments, fam!