10 Painfully Accurate Food Industry Memes That Only Servers Will Understand

If you’ve worked in the food industry, then you’ve experienced h*ll on Earth.

Any veteran servers will be able to tell you some pretty crazy war stories from the brunch rush.

Here are 10 painfully accurate food industry memes for those heroes of the restaurant world still working on the front lines.

1. Those awful brain farts

Whew, this one gives me a panic attack. You’re better off safe than sorry – trust me.

Photo Credit: tickld

2. If you didn’t like it…

…then why did you finish it?

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3. The golden table

This is what we call a unicorn.

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4. This one’s the worst

I can feel the sting already.

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5. Devastating

We often are our own worst enemies.

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6. Triggered

Just when you thought you were free – another one walks right in.

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7. SOS

Moments like these made me want to rip my eyelashes out.

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8. These people are the worst

This is seriously the hugest turn-off. Be nice to waitstaff, please. They’re performing a service – not an obligation.

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9. The rite of passage

If you didn’t walk into the storage room to have a quick hysterical cry on your break, did you really work in food service?

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10. My worst fear

These were the scariest tables. You don’t know real struggle until you’re dealing with a horde of 16-year-olds who are hard-pressed for allowance money at the end of the month.

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Well, that was both totally relatable and extremely triggering. At least servers have the comfort of knowing they’re not alone in their struggle.

What are some of your worst stories from working in the food industry? Share them with us in the comments below!