10 Pawducts Every Dog Lover Needs

Image Credit: PlayBuzz

We all love our dogs – some people, maybe even a bit too much.

Wait a minute…on second thought, that’s impossible! Pooches are some of the best things to happen to human beings on this earth, and it’s natural to want to spoil them during the time they’re with us – so go ahead!

Whether you’re preparing to bring home a new best friend or just looking for ways to beef up your dog’s supplies, the list below will get you off to an excellent start making your dog happier, healthier, and even more spoiled under your roof.

#10. Soggy Doggy Doormat

Image Credit: The Dog Outdoors

Photo Credit: The Dog Outdoors

I have one of these, and it’s changed my life! They’re not only cute, but they do wonders to soak up your pup’s dirty feet and coat after he goes out to do his business in the rain (I also use it to wipe my own feet)!

#9. Boots or booties for bad weather

There are more than a few substances your pooch shouldn’t be traipsing through: yes, salt from snowy streets and soggy, wet mud, but things like fertilizer or hot pavement can also be really damaging. Try a good toss-away product like the one linked above for extra ease of use.

#8. A good travel mat

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Photo Credit: Ebay

Who wants to leave Fido at home? NO ONE. A good travel mat protects your car from pup’s nails and fur, and can double as something to sit on at the park or in the woods when you stop for a snack.

#7. Microfiber towel

Image Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

Chances are good that your dog isn’t going to love bath time, but a good towel will at least keep him from rubbing wet fur all over your furniture or shaking it all over your bathroom. Stock up!

#6. A toy puzzle that rewards them with treats!

Image Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

Dogs are smart, and they need jobs to do so that their brains keep busy (just like ours!) Games like the one linked above are excellent for challenging your pooch, especially on those days (or stretches of days) when the weather keeps you mostly inside.

#5. A way to carry essentials with you on the go

Image Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

You want to take your dog hiking, walking, to the dog park, and on other outdoor adventures, right? Then you’ll need to bring a few things along – poop bags, treats, maybe a ball or some other small toys to play with along the way. One of these hands-free belt pouches is a must have!

#4. A secure, customized ID tag

Image Credit: Etsy

Photo Credit: Etsy

There’s always a chance that your dog could get loose or lost, and we want to maximize the chances that he’ll find his way home. Get him microchipped, yeah, but you should also make sure he’s wearing a tag with his name and your phone number clearly visible.

#3. Travel bowls

Image Credit: Dublin Dog

Photo Credit: Dublin Dog

If you’re planning to include your pooch in your on-the-go lifestyle, you’ll need a way to make sure he has access to food and water along the way! These are great options for both indoor and outdoor use.

#2. A Thundershirt

Image Credit: MNN

Photo Credit: MNN

So many dogs are anxious with loud noises: thunder, fireworks, or – if you’re my dog – clapping hands and the sound of the dishwasher running. A Thundershirt gives your dog comfort in these trying times, and who doesn’t want to give their dog comfort?

#1. Grooming wipes

Image Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

Hey – poop happens, people! So does mud, snow, rain, trash, and a bunch of other things your pup can get into outdoors, not to mention those runny eyes and dirty ears that need attention. Bottom line, you need some of these in your cabinet.