17 of People’s Best #ImDumb Moments from Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtag Game

Hashtag game alert! This one is awesome – who doesn’t like having a safe space to share the idiotic things they’ve done?

Personally, I’d have to admit to putting laundry away in the fridge and looking for my cell phone frantically while I’m talking on it. Yeah. Maybe I should have entered?

For sure, though, these 17 people deserve an honorable mention for doing dumb things. Read on!

#17. Actually learning lyrics can be such a rude awakening.

#16. I mean, technically you’re right.

#15. I think we can all relate to this.

#14. If I was this guy’s wife I would be soooooo pissed he fit in my jeans comfortably. Or at all.

#13. Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy.

#12. Mirrors are confusing. To be fair.

#11. I want a pic of the employee’s face when he asked.

#10. This is just hilarious.

#9. Who hasn’t done this? (I have done this).

#8. …were you high, though?

#7. I mean, you hadn’t had your coffee yet, so…

#6. You just kissed the wrong one. Obviously. Some princes are mean.

#5. So many people have had this realization. SO MANY.

#4. Wait, what are you supposed to do with it?

#3. I hope there was a fridge down there. And a toilet.

#2. Mouths, man. They just get away from you sometimes.

#1. This is the new dumb.

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