10 People Confess the Pain of Being the Less-Loved Child

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Most parents deny having a favorite child, but most siblings insist it’s the baby.

But what about those families where it’s painfully obvious who the favorite is?

Where one child can do no wrong and the other, for whatever reason, never quite measures up?

Well those unfavored sons and daughters are speaking up about what life is really like when you know you’re not your parents’ favorite.

1. Sometimes it’s not all bad

If you lean into your role, you can embrace it.

There's a difference in being the favorite child and the capable child. I get asked to do things because I can, not because they like me better.

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2. But sometimes it really hurts

And honestly, there comes a point when you should just stop trying.

Is it bad that at 24 years old I still get hurt when my parents favor my siblings? I have tried so hard to gain their approval and it means nothing to them.

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3. Then there’s the younger child

Always trying to measure up.
Especially if you’re the last of many…
your firsts are a lot less interesting.

My sister is the favorite child. I really can't wait until she leaves for college. I just want to feel special for once.

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4. The worst is when they KNOW they’re the favorite

And they act like they somehow earned the title “Anointed One.”

My sister is the favorite and she acts like she's above everyone else and I can't stand it.

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5. Or maybe it’s worse when parents don’t even try to hide their favoritism

It really speaks volumes.

This year my mom and sister have taken multiple trips together. She wants to cancel the trip I'm supposed to go on. It sucks knowing my sister is the favorite!

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6. It can start to affect you deeply

Honestly, if it weren’t for families, therapists would probably go out of business.

I hate that my parents have a favorite child. It's definitely not me and they make it known. Then they get confused why I struggle with depression... ummm...?

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7. I just can’t imagine having parents like this

I really hope this person has someone in their corner.

My brother is the favorite. My mom and dad both constantly yell at me and tell me how worthless I am... I think they would all be much happier without me.

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8. Older siblings probably feel this a LOT

Parents need to be fair and square between their kids!

My parents favor my little sister over me. They couldn't afford a $20 game for my birthday, but she got a $300 laptop. She's spoiled and I get in trouble for stuff she does. I hate it.

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9. No one wants to know they’re not the favorite

It can do lasting damage to your relationships.

It's obvious that my brother is the favorite child and I'm nobody. It hurts me more than I admit...

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10. And what about when you just know they’re actually terrible?

And that there’s no reason for the favoritism at all.

My brother is the favorite child in my family but he's a horrible person. I hate and resent him for even being born.

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Wow that’s a lot. It kind of makes you want to only have one child.

Are you a parent with a favorite? Do your kids know?

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