10 People Debate Whether Or Not Dating Siblings Is Off-Limits

Everyone has their lines in the sand when it comes to dating, and honestly, the same goes when it comes to family.

When it comes to mixing the two? Well, that can be pretty darn complicated, don’t you think?

These 10 people definitely do, and their opinions on the matter are all over the board.

10. It probably takes some getting used to.

Relationships will change, for sure.

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9. It’s a thing that happened.

It honestly seems like it’s all working out!

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8. I mean, why stand in the way?

Unless you have a legit reason to object.

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7. It can put you in the middle.

Which is not always a comfortable place to be.

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6. What can you do?

After all, you’re not her dad.

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5. Time for some tough choices.

And family should probably win out…

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4. Why not?

Everyone is happy…for the moment.

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3. If you’re a good guy, what’s the problem?

I mean. You’re still a guy, though.

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2. Asking first is probably a good idea.

Or at least give them a head’s up.

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1. Maybe that will be enough.

Probably not, though.

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I don’t know how I would react to this, honestly, because it’s never come up. It would probably depend, right?

What would you say to a friend who wanted to date your brother or sister? We want to hear your thoughts on it down in the comments!