10 People Recall What They Used to Think Made a Person Rich

When you’re a kid, anything that’s not familiar can seem fancy. Of course, if your family is middle class, or lower than that, there probably were a ton of things as a kid that might seem normal to others, but screamed “that person hasย money to you.”

These 10 people recalled exactly those things, and reading through their tweets was like a burst of nostalgia!

10. For the rest of your life you will inhale your fries.

Good or not, they areย yours.

9. You do set different bars as a kid.

This looks so disgusting now, but then?

8. I bet that’s only cute the first fifty times you hear it.

Or like, not ever if you’re the dishwasher.

7. The laundromat is not for the rich.

It is great for people-watching, though.

6. Or whatever is in those Country Crock tubs.

I can definitely believe it’s not butter, I’ll tell you that.

5. That went double if you lived somewhere you only kind of needed it.

Like Seattle. Or England.

4. It’s funny, the things that stick in your head.

Though travel in general was definitely for families with money.

3. Just knowing your house would stay in the same place.

But this was military housing? I don’t think that’s awesome.

2. Such a small thing to so many.

That smell was worth every penny.

1. My kids totally take this for granted.

So does my lazy a$s at this point.

As someone raised solidly in the middle class, I definitely agree with most of these things!

Would you add something to the list? Tell us what in the comments!