12 People Share What They Thought Made Someone Rich

Kids all grow up in the bubble of their family’s reality. Whatever’s normal at their house is normal, at least until they start school and start to visit their friends’s houses, and realize that not everyone’s “normal” looks the same.

If you grew up poor, or middle class, there were probably some things that’s existence completely amazed you – people who had those things were rich, surely.

Looking back now, it can seem silly, but everything is bigger and better when you’re small!

12. Still too rich for my blood.

It all gets to Netflix eventually.

11. Those ice machines, man.

A blessing and a curse, they are.

10. Total luxury.

Have one, still appreciate it.

9. That kid was cleaning up!

Little entrepreneur, that one.

8. I never thought about this.

Going to check in my next car purchase, though.

7. In some parts of the world, no one has it.

And I would not like to live there, no thanks.

6. I was so lucky my mom got a teacher discount.

We even had a Mac.

5. I bet he took better care of his, though.

Life lessons are surely worth something.

4. I still don’t understand the point.

Everyone knows they’re tissues.

3. A garage would be hard to live without, in extreme temperatures.

And some people just fill theirs with junk!

2. Like winning the lottery.

There were two houses in our neighborhood.

1. I still think this.

Probably because I’ve never lived in a house with double front doors.

I definitely had some of these ideas myself, how about you?

Add something to the list, please!