Ope – These 18 Midwest Memes Are Gonna Scooch Right Past Ya

Via: Pleated Jeans

The United States is pretty big, as counties go, and it’s also very diverse depending on region. We speak differently, we use different sayings, our weather is different…and even though I’m definitely biased, I think the Midwest is full of the most genuine, nice people in the bunch.

If you’re one of us, then you probably agree – and you’re going to love these 18 memes.

18. And we’re sure we know about good Mexican food.

We do not.

17. How else would you even know you’re on a road trip?

Literally the only time I ever eat Subway.

16. There’s no way to stop it.

Besides, you have to say something. You’re not a monster.

15. Same thing with the heat.

It’s just the humidity, y’all.

14. Nothing better than getting “a good deal.”

Sometimes we didn’t even want the thing, but the deal.

13. You yield to horse and buggies.

Bet ya didn’t know that.

12. No one likes driving through Kansas.

Not even Kansans.

11. Chex has gotten wise and makes their own now.

It’s not as good as my mama’s, though.

10. The sirens are so everyone knows to go out and look.

How else are you gonna see a tornado?

9. You’ve see Fargo, right?

It’s exactly like that.

8. Oh, Lawd don’t make me swoon.

It’s not NY or Chicago style, but it’s still pizza.

7. It’s sensory development, okay?

There’s not a ton to do in Iowa.

6. Maybe Californians can smell earthquakes.

Probably not over the pollution, though.

5. We know how to spot our own kind.

We’re the nicest people there, of course.

4. It’s a whole process.

Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.

3. This could go on for five minutes.

Until you’re sure they know you’re sorry.

2. Nobody tailgates like we do.

Don’t @ me.

1. Not since they got new breadsticks, though.

Now we go for the Chili’s.

I’m here for all of it, y’all!

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