10 People Share Their Reasons For Spring Cleaning

It can be tough to keep up with all of life’s responsibilities these days, and I think cleaning is one thing that tends to pile up for some of us.

That’s why the practice of spring cleaning is still near and dear to some – it’s a great time to really scrub the place and make it feel fresh for at least a little while.

These 10 people have some interesting takes on the ritual, so check them out below!

10. They totally lost track of the time.

Must have been quite the cleaning experience.

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9. A silent roommate?

Or…I honestly don’t know.

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8. Make it fun.

Everyone loves a dance party.

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7. Sometimes you really get going.

It’s hard to stop a roll!

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6. Now you can watch them all on Netflix.

Totally worth the binge, imho.

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5. I bet that was cathartic.

Hopefully they got out of the house altogether.

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4. A gift to yourself.

Past you was so thoughtful!

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3. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Do it because you want to, not because you expect help!

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2. Maybe it’s time to toss them.

Only you can know for sure.

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1. I’m not sure this is how it works.

Better to toss them.

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Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad practice to adopt, right?

Have you ever had a deep realization while spring cleaning? Share it with us in the comments!