10 People Share Their Wildest “Beyond Tired” Behaviors

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Not getting enough sleep can really start to take a toll on every aspect of your life.

Most of us aren’t getting enough of it, either because of work, life, or staying up out of revenge despite being tired.

Different people can function on different amounts of sleep, but at some point we all hit that moment when it’s obvious that we better catch some Z’s.

Here are 10 people who have surpassed that point.

1. Laundry is basically just “clothes recycling”

And sometimes I want to throw my dirty clothes away too.

I'm so tired that I just threw my dirty clothes in the garbage and my empty chip bag in the laundry basket.

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2. Politeness to inanimate objects

If they’d said “Sorry,” we’d have just assumed they were Canadian.

This morning I was so tired that I thanked the elevator on my way out.

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3. Been there, but you have to be careful

Apparently this can get very expensive.

I just dropped my phone on my face but I'm so tired that I just let it sit there on my face for a few minutes...

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4. Autopilot is a tricky thing

It’s one more reason I don’t want a smart house.
Too. Many. Codes.

I'm so tired that I put my phone password in the microwave to heat up pizza. I need a break.

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5. I like that it’s a someTHING and not a someONE

Tell the truth, were you flipping off the masses while drinking tea?

I was so tired that when I went to flip something off I violently stuck up my pinkie

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6. It has a certain ring to it

And makes about as much sense as leggings so why not?

The other night when I was really tired I referred to my legs as 'skin pants'

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7. I’ll see your exhaustion and raise you one

Because when I’m really tired, I don’t even hear the alarm.

Today I woke up and I was so tired that I thought my hand was my alarm. I stayed in bed for 10 minutes trying to shut my hand off 😑

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8. They might be more than tired

That one is a little hard to fathom! I need more details.

I'm so tired that I put my headphones in my nose and started crying because I thought I went deaf.

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9. This one doesn’t seem ridiculous to me

If you can blow on things to cool them down, why not to warm them up?

I was so tired that I blew on my ice cream to cool it off... I only noticed after it was all gone...

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10. My favorite reaction of all time

Maybe the world would be a better place if we asked ourselves this more often.

Once I was so tired that when I saw my reflexion I asked out loud 'Who the f are you?'

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Those people are all really tired, and honestly I worry about their overall health.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve done when you were uber-tired?