10 People Who Are Being Stalked Reveal What It’s Like

None of us ever wants to be in the position to be able to answer a question like this. Being stalked, especially online where there seems to be so little to be done about it – and where it can even be impossible to pinpoint who exactly is behind the harassment – has to be one of the most helpless feelings in the world.

Don’t take my word for it, though – these 10 people have been there or are still going through it, and they’re telling us what it feels like below.

10. Either one would make me nervous.

They could easily be one and the same.

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9. This sounds super irresponsible.

I hope nothing dangerous happens as a result.

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8. I hope she’s right.

Things could go very badly if she’s not.

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7. That’s one way to look at it.

I really hope this is tongue-in-cheek, though.

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6. A little bit of both, probably.

As long as it doesn’t cross a line.

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5. Fingers’ crossed that’s true.

These people have a way of popping up again when you least expect it.

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4. With good reason, I’m guessing.

This would make me more than a little nervous.

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3. The longer it lasts, the more you worry.

These things have a way of escalating.

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2. A very real fear.

I’m glad this is being taken seriously.

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1. This makes me so angry.

Learn how to accept things and walk away, friends.

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I sincerely hope that I (and you) can never add our two cents to this topic.

If you already have the unfortunate experience, our comments are open if you want to share what it felt like for you!