10 People Who Chose To Have Their Pre-Wedding Parties Together Share What It Was Like

The wedding industry is bigger than ever. Many people spend years dreaming about the hoopla that will surround their nuptials, from the day of specifics, to the honeymoon afterward and the parties leading up to the big day.

Though bachelor and bachelorette parties are traditionally held separately as a chance to say so long to being single, some couples are choosing to do them together.

These 10 people did just that, and they’re ready to dish on how things turned out.

10. No harm no foul.

Even if you didn’t plan it ahead of time.

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9. This might be a red flag.

But what do I know?

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8. Is there going to be a show? Free booze?

There had better be something I’m paying for!

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7. Seems like it was more for him.

But as long as everyone was happy.

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6. Who saw that coming?

Definitely me.

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5. Whatever blows your skirt up.

Seriously, you should have fun!

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4. A throwback to their youth.

Like all the way back to high school.

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3. I have some questions.

Mostly about why/how they would be crazier apart.

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2. Cheap and fun.

You can’t go wrong with either of those things.

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1. A nice balance.

May your marriage contain more of the same.

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These are pretty much what I expected. Some of them are worse, though.

Did any of these shock you? Did you do joint parties? If so, add your review in the comments!