10 People Who Ghosted Friends Reflect On The Toll It Took

When it comes to friendship, we don’t think about things ending, or how we’ll “break up” the way we might with romantic relationships. Especially when we’re young, friendships seem like something that will last forever.

The older we get, though, we realize that not every friend we make is going to be one that’s around forever – or even for awhile – and we need to back away slowly.

These 10 people decided ghosting was the way to go, and they’re dishing below on how that decision turned out.

10. Maybe it was deserved.

Only the two of you know for sure.

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9. It can be too much.

Especially when they don’t seem to want help.

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8. They’re not your tribe.

Best to start finding the people who are.

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7. That’s definitely a fair reason.

I’m sure she realizes what she did.

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6. A clean slate.

There’s definitely some appeal that.

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5. That’s a tough one.

Betrayal always hurts.

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4. She could ask.

If she actually cared, you know?

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3. You’ve got to consider your own mental health.

It’s the most important thing you can do.

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2. That’s gotta feel good.

It’s a good indication that you made the right decision.

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1. That’s pretty gross.

Immaturity is probably only half the cause.

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It’s so hard to lose friends, even if you know it’s for the best.

Have you ever had to do something like this? Tell us why in the comments!