11 People Who Are On A Totally Different Page Than Their Romantic Partner

If you’ve ever done any kind of intentional work on your relationship, you’ve probably read the 5 Love Languages. It’s all about figuring out how you and your partner receive love, and learning how to show the other person they’re cared for even if it’s not the way you perceive love yourself.

Relationships are hard in the best of times, but if you and your partner are total opposites and unwilling to try to meet the other person where they are, it can be rough – which is exactly what these 11 people are experiencing.

11. We all receive love in different ways.

And we have to really feel it to keep going.

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10. It can be hard to make them understand.

They have to really want to, is the issue.

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9. That’s a hard lesson to learn.

It comes for us all eventually.

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8. Usually it’s the other way around.

But you have to really communicate what you need.

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7. Four years is a long time.

If things haven’t changed by now…

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6. There are no good or bad love languages.

It’s just how we’re hard-wired.

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5. Doesn’t sound promising.

Sometimes we have to just cut our losses.

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4. It will take work.

But you can both put in the effort and turn things around.

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3. It takes time to get to know someone.

It’s always worth it in the end.

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2. Learning how to communicate takes time.

As long as both people are committed.

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1. There must be some middle ground.

Hopefully this couple will find it.

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Man, sometimes you just can’t get on the same page, you know? And it’s rough.

Have you been able to overcome something like this in a relationship? Tell us how in the comments!