10 Photos of People Who Just Went for It with No Shame

Photo Credit: Twitter, @mralmilay

Have you ever had the courage to go for something you wanted?

Or maybe you wanted to but fear got the best of you.

Whether you wanted to ask someone on a date or tried sneaking into a movie theater, these folks will show you how to get it done.

10. Is honesty the best thing tho…?


9. This person has mad shoot your shot skills

8. Even Justin Bieber freaking went for it when he slid into this girl’s DM

7. This guy used reverse psychology on his teacher!

6. Girl just shooting her shot after 9 months of not drinking. Impressive.


5. This girl took up a Twitter challenge and scored

4. While this person followed Kanye’s challenge and failed…


3. This musician took his game to a future level. Dayum.


2. The best way to sneak into a movie. Not the most successful.


1. This guy truly went for it on this girl’s ANNIVERSARY post


Whether you win or fail, just go for it.

Life is too short fam!