10 People Who Made The Decision To Be Homeless

If you’re like me, you can’t imagine a moment where you have to decide whether or not to give up your home. Our houses or apartments are our security – or at least, they’re supposed to be.

Sometimes they’re not, or maybe there’s another reason the streets are the best choice for the moment.

If you’re curious about why and when that might be the case, these 10 people are sharing their reasons below.

10. I guess that’s a risk you take.

Or so I assume.

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9. A sink or swim moment.

And you have to just hope you’re not making the wrong choice.

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8. I can’t imagine why would would.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

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7. Mission accomplished.

As long as it all worked out.

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6. A selfless act.

Some people are just really good friends.

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5. Tough doesn’t mean wrong.

You have to choose your own mental health.

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4. Live and learn.

Some of us have harder heads than others.

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3. Keep looking forward.

Keep the past back there where it belongs.

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2. At least it’s over now.

Or at least, we hope so.

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1. Sounds super zen.

As long as you can stay safe in the process.

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These are some fascinating reminders that everyone’s lives are truly unique.

Have you ever faced a tough choice like this? Let us know how it resolved in the comments!