10 People Who Were Way Too Stoned To… Wait I Forgot

Have you ever gotten too high and tried to do the simplest things, like tie your shoes, open a door, or answer a text, and it just didn’t come out how it usually does?

We’ve all been there, and it makes for some hilarious and confusing moments.

Check out 10 people who can identify with the high that just snuck up on them out of nowhere.

1. A new smoothie flavor.

Well it is a fruit, after all.


2. He scrubbed and scrubbed.

But maybe not hard enough.

3. Looks like this person got a little too… fried.

This is your brain on weed.

4. Solving the mystery of the lost sandwich.

Don’t forget the condiments!

5. So many chips, so little time.

How do you choose?

6. Hey, it’s still edible.

And we’re pretty hungry and not proud!

7. For $150, that would have been a gourmet ice cream sandwich.

Sweet dreams! 

8. It all looked so good.

We couldn’t decide.

9. What time is it again?

Maybe time to back off the weed.


10. You’re communicating telepathically.

But we still can’t read your mind.

Getting too high is a common rite of passage among anyone who’s ever indulged. It can feel really weird, but It also makes for great some memories among friends, and who doesn’t need a laugh now and again?

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