10 People With Epilepsy Share The Weirdest Comments They’ve Gotten About Their Condition

People will honestly say all kinds of weird things. They don’t think before they talk, or at least not often enough, and the result is often just strange and inappropriate comments that no one should have to handle.

Folks dealing with medical conditions that are hard to understand get these comments more than most, and if you’re curious what kind of odd and off-putting things people have to say to epileptics, these 10 are getting ready to dish.

10. If only, right?

Imagine saying this to someone with cancer.

Image Credit: Whisper

9. What a thing to say.

Especially to a young person.

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8. How do those things connect?

Vegans never give up, do they?

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7. Questions are ok if you’re trying to help.

But still, Google exists for a reason.

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6. They’re probably just scared.

Bit presumptuous though, isn’t it?

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5. You’re kind of out of it.

You can totally get hurt, though.

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4. Yes, but not the ones you’re thinking.

And definitely not the fun ones.

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3. This one made me laugh.

The way people’s brains work, I swear.

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2. The demons are here to stay, I’m afraid.

No amount of praying will make them go away.

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1. But what if she were?

What did they think was going to happen?

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Thinking before you speak is really a skill that will serve us all well.

If you’ve got epilepsy (or love someone who does) share your own jaw-dropping moments like these in the comments!