18 People Recall The Weirdest Thing They Did At A Sleepover

If you think about it, sleepovers are a pretty weird rite of passage. No one really likes sleeping away from the comforts of home, other people’s parents are always these weird entities, and you’re hazed if you actually fall asleep.

I think that we’ve all done something strange in those moments, but as I read through these 18 replies to this question, I started to realize that some of us are weirder than others.

18. He got rid of the evidence.

Was at a sleepover, my buddy slept on his couch I slept on his beanbag chair with a blanket. After hours of playing 007 goldeneye. I get up and go use their restroom, except I didn’t. I only dreamed I did and I pissed all over myself at like 4am.

I hid the blanket in their jacket closet (it was summer time) and threw the beanbag chair and my pissy underpants in their outdoors dumpster (they lived on a ranch). I was 14 at the time. Lol

17. Wait. There was just a sword in the house?

I was in the bathroom. I could overhear whispers, so I knew they were going to play a prank on me. I thought the the prank would be that they would unexpectedly break the door open while I was in there.

So, to counter surprise them, I decided to only pretend I was on the toilet, and to instead hold the door shut by pushing against it with both palms, adding my weight to the door and preventing it from being pushed open.

However, that was the not their intended prank. They thought I was on the toilet, far from the door. So their idea was to have a sword thrust unexpectedly through the door.

The sword went through the door and then straight through the palm of my right hand as well. Blood went everywhere. The sword went in an out quickly.

I have vague memories of turning the sink on and wrapping my hand with hand towels even while blood spurted throughout the room. I don’t remember getting in the car, but apparently I was driven to the emergency room.

It’s now 20+ years later. The rest of my hand is fine, but I have a small scar of light-colored flesh on my palm where I no longer have any feeling. Usually when I mention the story, I just say that I was stabbed through by a sword when I was a teenager, without going into detail on the how and why, which is significantly more stupid.

The same person who did this “prank” on me decided to prank someone else by holding a knife right above a sleeping person’s eye so that when they woke up the first thing they’d see is a knife blade close up.

Thankfully, that particular incident resulted in only a scream, with no physical injuries. Looking back, I suspect he may have been an unhealthy friend to hang out with.

16. Small payback.

One of my “buddies” in high school would bully me all the time and he treated me like shit when I was staying over his house with other friends. One time he told me to go get him a glass of water so I went upstairs, poured him a glass of water, dipped my nuts in it for a few seconds then gave it to him.

15. So much secondhand cringe.

I was away with a friend’s family and I was on the phone pretending to the other guys I met this hot babe at the pool and we were gonna sneak out and meet up that night.

I also went on to complain about the family who paid for my trip.

They heard everything. I cringe to this day when i think about it. Like second third hand embarrassed of myself.

To be fair they turned out not to be very nice people but they were obviously nice to me.

14. Yes, exactly that.

I pissed on the air mattress and my friends mom asked if a raccoon broke in.

13. I bet that was awkward.

In the Mid-Late 90’s, my brother got really into the anarchists cookbook and learned how to tap into neighbors landlines from a box on the pole using a touch tone phone and some connectors from RadioShack.

We’d have friends sleep over (we are close in age), and we’d sneak out and He’d hook a phone up so we could call phone sex lines from outside a neighbors house in the bushes.

I still wonder if they disputed the charges or if the wife just thought the husband was calling 1-900-big-tits at 2am.

12. That’s disconcerting.

Walked home while everyone was asleep. Didn’t tell my friend, didn’t tell their parents, didn’t tell my parents, just crawled out a window at my friends house and crawled in a window at my own. Went to bed.

Not a single person looked for me in the morning.

11. That poor mother.

Got a bloody nose… it was dark and I didn’t know the house, so I stuck near the walls and went down the hallway and found the bathroom. Got the bleeding to stop, cleaned up, went back to sleep.

In the morning, the mom came in frantic making sure everyone was alive after she saw smeared, bloody handprints all the way down the hallway…

10. They’ll never forget it.

I don’t remember what we were looking for, but me and another friend went through our buddy’s parent’s bedroom drawers and found a VHS tape. We were curious and idiotic so we popped the tape in to see what was on it.

Our buddy walked in while we were watching his parents have sex. His scream was the most shocking/horrifying thing I have heard to this day.

9. Just kid stuff.

My friend and I were 11 or 12. His sister was about 14. She announced that she’d never seen a dick in person before and wanted to. Basically, it was a show me yours and I’ll show you mine thing. Except it was directed at me and my friend. Which makes sense, I guess. If she’d never seen one before, why not try to look at two at once?

Ground rules were set. You can look for as long as you want or as close as you want BUT NO TOUCHING.

I’d never seen a vag in person before so I was up for it. My friend was apparently curious enough to scope out his own gd sister. So, we all showed each other our junk.

After it was over, we never did that again, never spoke of it again or anything else.

8. He never confessed.

I peed on my friend’s couch during a sleepover. I was 10 (kinda old to pee the bed, I know). I woke up in a panic of course, but discovered the couch cushions weren’t sewed to the couch and they were identical on both sides. So I flipped that s*%t, changed into a spare pair of shorts, and went to sleep.

A year later while I was at that friend’s house, his mom discovered my huge, yellow piss stain on the bottom of a couch cushion. Of course she didn’t suspect me. My friend’s little sister took the heat.

It was me, Mrs. Scoffield. I pissed on your couch and let it soak for a year.

7. Hard to recover.

Accidentally clogged the toilet at my friend’s house. There was no plunger and the toilet was filling rapidly.

I panicked and ran to my friend who promptly called for his dad. His dad takes one look and yells from the bathroom, “Jesus, ‘X’! How big of a s*%t did you take?!”

It took years before I went back to his house.

6. Too much to handle.

I had a sleepover at a friends house. Pre teen boys, so we were stuffed in one little bed. I got a nose bleed, but slept through it for about an hour. I noticed eventually and got up to tend to it. My friend woke up while I was in the bathroom to what looked like a scene from a horror movie.

I did not get a second sleepover.

5. Some tense moments.

In Boy Scouts, I was the morning cook, meaning I woke up before anyone else to chop wood, make fire, and get water boiling. I grab the hatchet and start splitting a log into little splinters for kindling. It was cold and dewy. The hatchet slipped from my hand mid upward-swing and went flying… to the tent circle. It seriously flew 10-15 yard and fell straight down though the roof of a tent, where 4 scouts were sound asleep.

I’m not sure how long I waited to hear someone start screaming. I probably sat there in terrified anticipation for over a minute. Then I was worried someone might be hurt so I crawled over to that ten where the hatchet landed. I super quietly unzipped the flap, and saw it landed in a bag of clothes very close to some kids head. I snuck in, grabbed the hatchet, left the tent, zipped it back up, and finished breakfast.

I heard them at breakfast complaining that “the raccoons” has ruined their perfectly nice tent by clawing a hole in it.

4. Don’t play with fire, kids.

Played with matches. For years afterward thought I’d burned my aunt and uncle’s house down. I was staying with them, my cousin and I were lighting matches in the kitchen and throwing them in the sink to put them out.

The head of one flew off and landed in the shelving unit by the sink, still smoking but when we looked for it, we couldn’t find it. It was the 80s so all those “kids, don’t play with matches” ads were everywhere. Hours later we were awakened by my aunt telling us to get out of the house because it was on fire. Watched their house burn to the ground and was terrified to tell them what we’d been doing earlier.

I just knew we’d done it. Carried that guilt for years. When I was around 15ish, which was many years later, I finally told my aunt. She started laughing and after realizing I’d been thinking this the whole time, hugged me and explained it had been wiring in the back bedroom.

I was an adult before I finally understood, after learning about how fire marshals investigate fires that it wasn’t just an assumption they’d made and could let go of that guilt.

So I guess, technically, the most screwed up thing I did on a sleepover was traumatize myself for years.

3. No way that was quiet.

I bathed my friend.

Two of us stayed at a friends house in our early teens.

We raided their parents liquor cabinet and proceeded to not understand how alcohol works.

We drank every kind of liquor under the sun, very quickly, over the course of a few hours. We chased shots with popsicles and ate animal crackers to get the taste of gin out of our mouths.

One of the three of us stood atop a small staircase into the living room. Maybe four steps, a few feet in distance.

He swayed, grabbed onto the railing, turned pale and then projectile vomited so violently that it all landed and splashed at the bottom of the staircase, leaving the steps clear, minus a few drops.

He then immediately fell down the stairs and began to laugh in a pool of his own vomit.

We picked him up, dragged him to the bathroom, stripped off all his clothes and shoved him in the shower. He had thick curly hair that was filled with bright red popsicle colored animal cracker paste.

I told him to put out his hands as he kept yelling to not tell everyone he had a small dick. Once he finally complied i poured shampoo in his hands and told him to clean his hair.

He slapped it all into his face causing him to gag and his eyes to burn. At this point I had to get him cleaned up. So I did.

We had no spare clothes for him barring our friend’s brother’s clothes. He was quite obese.

We had to get a belt and tightly tie what I can only describe as parachute shorts around his waste.

We went to sleep afterwards and convinced ourselves no one in the house heard us.

2. You can’t eat just one.

So my house never had junk food when I was little.

When I slept over my friends house I ate an entire chips ahoy container while everyone was asleep and then put the container under her little sisters bed who then got blamed for it and in trouble.


1. I have many questions.

We had a coed church group sleepover at a Vermont farm.

I was 13 and recently got a fake testicle (I had my other testicle removed due to an accident).

I was getting people to feel my balls and take bets on which one was the real one.

Y’all, I cannot stop laughing. And also my kids aren’t allowed at sleepovers now. Ha!

If you’ve got a worthy entry to this list, drop your story in the comments!