18 Women Share The Things They Put In Their Purse If They Might Not Be Sleeping At Home

If you’re a woman, you know there are a few things you just can’t leave home without – and if you think there’s even the slightest chance you might not be home later, a couple of more items need to go into that bag, too.

If you’re new to this, or just hoping to make your spur-of-the-moment overnights easier, here are what 18 women say they never leave behind.

18. Quite the list.

Underpants, MAC-10, Four Loko, one additional pair of underpants and a harmonica.

17. A little snack.

Cereal bar or snack in case you are starving but don’t want to ruin the mood first thing in the morning if he’s still sleeping and don’t wanna rummage through his stuff… but small.

Can fit into a makeup case with travel deodorant and travel hair brush and travel toothbrush

16. Just a test.

A Tech Deck mini skateboard. Make your lower back/bum into a ramp for him to do tricks on.

If he can’t make a pop shoveit, you need to leave his house immediately.

15. If you can’t sleep in them.

Contact lens solution and glasses. I once had a girl stay the night and she forgot to take her lenses out, luckily her lenses stayed in place but she was in a lot of pain when she woke up.

I had to take her home with her unable to see after taking the lenses out.

14. Just the basics.

Charger, tampons, condoms, makeup remover (if you wear makeup) sleeping clothes, a change of clothes for the morning, deodorant, pepper spray, a knife, getaway cash, maybe some lotion (I always wash my face in the morning) and a toothbrush

13. From his perspective.

Apparently hundreds of hair ties and bobby pins to spread throughout my apartment.

Back in my much more promiscuous days I pretty much had a lost and found of random accessories in my apartment.

My current gf knows that when a random hair tie or something turns up that it was before I started dating her but she still is never too happy about it.

12. I have questions.

Handcuffs, plastic wrap, and a collection of He-Man dvds.

Go for gold.

11. Is that true?

Hotwheels car so he thinks you’re cool.

Bring the Legos too. Gotta have options.

10. This made me snort.

A bible to put between your beds so Jesus reduces the temptation of sin.

Can also be used under a pillow to prop her butt up to a slightly better angle, for that Biblical grade hip-throwin’ action. Just like Jesus would’ve wanted.

9. Make sure you protect yourself.

I think some condoms disguised in chewing gum packets and some birth control pills and viagra in headache or essential supplements if you’re frisky…

And keep a pepper spray on hand at all times along with 911 on speed dial and tell some friend you’re going there and configure your phone to send location pings to the said friend at equal intervals, just in case something happens

8. She’s got him pegged.

I’m going to my girlfriend’s apartment to stay the weekend and she calls my backpack my hoe purse, Bring some clothes, fresh underwear, a phone charger, extra socks.

I also keep an extra suit, pair of sleeping clothes, and casual wear at her place. Side items are cologne, toothpaste/ brush, and shampoo at her place.

7. A small gauge.

A copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

It’s a surprisingly quick read. If you’re reading it and you finish after he does, you have problems.

6. For a very specific sleepover.

strap-on dildo, clown mask, box of matches, and a dead rat.

5. A short list.

New underwear, a toothbrush or mouthwash, hair tie, makeup wipes, condoms, chapstick, lotion, maybe baby wipes if you don’t feel like using his shower.


4. Ummmm, explain?

Sewing kit, emergency flares, compass, MREs, magazine charger, camo sticks, canteen and pouch, combat webbing, and some weed.

3. A great idea.

I’d also add a non bulky outfit for the next day like a T-shirt leggings and flats.

That way you’re not doing the walk of shame in a minidress and heels at 10AM. I’ve been there and it’s the worst because you know that everyone knows lmao…

2. Depends on the plans.

I usually bring a separate bag because my purse is actually just like a wallet on straps.

Usually bring a change of clothes, perfume, deodorant, tooth brush, hair ties, gum. Sometimes I throw toys or alcohol in there, depends on the plans for the night.

1. The necessities.

Condoms, tampons, get away cash.

All of these are great ideas.

Be safe out there, friends!