10 Celebrities And Photos Of Them Before They Were Famous

Photo Credit: Twitter

Frankly, I’m super glad to not have grown up in a digital age – my awkward stage and all of those glorious (read: hideous) 80’s and 90’s fashion trends are much more likely to stay in the past where they they belong. Which is to say, someone would have to dig up actual photos of me in yearbooks or bribe them off my friends or parents in order to see them.

Which is exactly how we’re getting most of these great little peeks into the not-so-dissimilar pasts of these 10 celebs. Sorry, guys. You’re famous, so you don’t get to hide that hair and glasses.

#10. Steve Jobs

Photo Credit: East News

In his middle school electronics class, y’all. That hair.

#9. Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham

Photo Credit: Instagram

Back in their carefree University days.

#8. Rhianna

Photo Credit: Twitter

Girlfriend was an Army cadet. Respect.

#7. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

Photo Credit: Facebook

He was way bigger than any 15-year-old boy at my high school.

#6. Coco Chanel

Photo Credit: East News

The year before she opened her first hat store.

#5. Steve Buscemi

Photo Credit: Twitter

He started life as a young firefighter with really good hair, y’all.

#4. Princess Diana

Photo Credit: East News

The future royal with her pony, which I totally want to pet.

#3. Marilyn Monroe

Photo Credit: Instagram

This was when she was just Norma Jean Baker taking a selfie in a photo booth.

#2. Elon Musk

Photo Credit: Instagram

Who would have guessed this down-home 17-year-old would revolutionize the world?

#1. Mark Zuckerberg

Photo Credit: East News

Ah, the good old days when Facebook was still The Facebook and Zuckerberg had no idea what was coming for him.

To be real though, he’s not that much older now…