11 Items You Should NEVER Buy at the Dollar Store

©Flickr, Mike Mozart

I’m an avid shopper at dollar stores, and a lot of times I’m satisfied with my finds. But I also know not everything you find at such discount-heavy stores is really that great, quality-wise. So, instead of spend the money and finding out for yourself, Reddit users thought they would impart some of their wisdom (or errors) to you. Check it out!

1. Can’t beat ’em

Composition notebooks or spiral notebooks. You can get them cheaper at Walmart.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Jamie

2. Gross

Cheese. (e.g. off-brand Kraft singles or cheese sticks) It tastes like plastic.

Photo Credit: Flickr, David Weekly

3. I’m surprised by this one

Laundry detergent.

It’s worth the money.

Photo Credit: Flickr,Pixel Drip

4. I’ll just go to Ikea for these


Dollar store batteries always die way too quickly.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

5. Not safety tested

Anything that goes in your mouth.

I worked in an environmental lab years ago. A concerned mom came in to test the $1 Store toys that she was considering for party favors. As the kids were young enough to put things in their mouth, and there was white plastic, she had us test them for lead. Sure enough, it came back positive.

I’ve read enough stories about toothpaste, and other such dollar store items, getting people sick, that I avoid any item that could come into contact with my mouth.

6. I didn’t think this would need to be said

I saw a video a while ago about this guy that bought a steak at a dollar store. Yes, steak. “Steak.” So this guy opens the steak, cuts all the fat off and is left with a sad sliver of meat. He fries it up, and as expected, it didn’t taste good. I do believe he got food poisoning.

Photo Credit: Pixabay